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Cornfedtrouble: August 2008


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Black Bird Crazy


Old Crow                  
can show         
how Poe
Black knack
his rap,
Tap, tap, tapping
your floor

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Wey of the Dog Star

When the Milky Way bisects the sunrise

And it's the first day of winter,

The Holocene ends with a shudder,
A great precessional age begins afresh.

Geologists named it an era for catastrophe---
A scientific upstage of Olmec lore
That looked up instead of down.

The Mesoamerican saints proclaimed
What only modern science can figure
Based on the stars and earthly wobbles;
Human beginnings of Gaean demise,
From secrets written in the galactic spiral.

Modern seers say, “it's the heat.” Nay,
Another Anthropocene layer, Brother,
Can you dig this stratigraphic rap
Conjured up by some forensic don
Tassel askew and mind so cool
Even global warming can't stop that!
Who knew? It could be a sign,
Of a time we won't remember.

I would advise reading 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles Mann for a start.
About seven thousand years elapsed between the dawn of th Middle Eastern Neolithic and the establishment of Sumer. The Indians navigated the same path in somewhat less time. ... Pride of place must go to the Olmec, the first technologically complex culture in the hemisphere.

They invented dozens of systems of writing, established widespread trade networks, tracked the obits of the planets, created a 365 calendar (more accurate than its contemporaries in Europe), and recorded their histories in accordion-folded books of fig tree bark paper.

Couple notes on the numbers. Stanza is Fibonacci Series and total number of lines =20 which is reflective of the vigesimal number system , i.e. base 20, used by the Mayans.

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