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Cornfedtrouble: Neo-Climate Change


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Monday, May 21, 2007

Neo-Climate Change

Although I am getting really tired of even reading the news, it seems to zap me of creative things to say, before I completely abandon speaking of the "ridiculously incoherent" news that makes watching Monty Python irrelevant, I offer a poem about ... ignoring the future to try one more time to sell an Unstupid Continuum.

Neo-Climate Change

        It could be evolution
        Or is that an alien concept?
        Global policy change created
        By a tasteless, unseen gas

        Invisible and ubiquitous
        Combustible culture excesses
        Raising discourse—
        Atmospherics writ large

        Based on logarithmic curves?
        Even world bankers understand
        Very low interest in saving
        The world for a rainless day.

        We had the guy for the job,
        A born again leader
        Whose overindulgence worked,
        Conservatively speaking,

        But he got caught in a dead end
        Singularity, with backwards

If it was not for science
We wouldn’t need to pray,
“Save us, for we know not
What we have done, already.”

We won’t deny our gods:
Oil, cars and air conditioning.
Blame Al Qaeda terrorists
Who turned up the heat!

Save for a military debacle
Americans could be leading
Planetary conversion—
Alcohol driven revivals.

        Misconstrued by deification.
        Predestined compassion

        Abruptly imploded! The phantasy,
        Obscured in false flag confusion
        Left Falwell nothing more to say, thence
        Disintegrated without a delay.

Begin tomorrow right away:
Ghouliani can go to G8 in drag.
Romney can torture the truth.
If that doesn’t sell, blame McCain.


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