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Cornfedtrouble: Mad Cons on the 4th Anniversary of something (__________________ )


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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mad Cons on the 4th Anniversary of something (__________________ )

Another one of my poems published by New Verse News, Monday, May 1, 2007. Check out their site, I think you will enjoy it. The New Verse News

They have a new poem, sometimes 2, everyday. James Penha does a wonderful job as editor and has a fine coterie of poets who contribute. I am honored to be included in this group. I like the way he operates and I have confidence in any changes he makes. My work is all released under a Creative Commons License which I discuss and link on one of my other blogs, where Brigid the blog poetry muse dwells.

He thought "Love the game . . . sort of like Mad Libs; what if we title it Mad Cons?"

What a great connection!

I had entitled this poem "Present Perfect Parade or, PoP goes the W-easel." Present Perfect as in tense where the perfect tense denotes "something is happening" but, ironically, "it is far from perfect" in tandem with POP a palindrome for W the weasel. The poem has a bunch of numerical symbolism relating to the letter P, the most obvious 15 lines beginning with P in triplets for the element phosphorus that has an atomic number 15 and is in the 3 period of the periodic table.

In Greek mythology phosphorus relates to Venus--

by Hellenistic times, it was realized they were the same planet. Hesperos would be translated into Latin as Vesper and Phosphorus as Lucifer, a poetic term later used to refer to the fallen angel cast out of heaven.[41] The Romans would later name the planet in honor of their goddess of love, Venus, whereas the Greeks used the name of its Greek counterpart, Aphrodite.

for the light of the female leader of the House of Representatives spotlighting the POTUS who does not know which way he is going. Pop!

All in all that is a pretty big mouthful of meaning for a daily poetry site, but it is all here for those who chose to dig deeper.

"Mad Cons(libs)," wow it is a great play on the blankety blank con game isn't it? Thanks James.


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