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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Paha Sapa Mountain Epilog

It isn’t about presidents, or the men inside their shells

Creating myth from too few years is mostly

Propaganda & power play stories

Stories carved in stone, Precambrian stone

As if geology is a pretty face with a molten mind to match

Speculation on another’s deepest thoughts— foolhardy

Yet we all try it now and then. For thus,

It is easy to contend the obvious. Bluntly stated

That is how most myths are created

Though many are propagated

Few meet the weathering of retelling

Honor the fathers whose noses face the windy plains

Capture the status uplifted layers so boldly display

And live forever in a saga that explains the day-to-day


We praise as mother, who keeps us mortals true for all time

Precious like gold in the fading light sublime



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