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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Re: Crane Flat Lament

.................. 1
In Yosemite National Park
There is no internet for the common man
Se, it is only for the white folk in the Lodge
Us campers must use smoke
Signal our mates with animal calls
Stash our hash in bear proof containers
“Saving the bears” for models
London Cow like mascots overlook
Tahoe’s shores while the real ones
They live here and we must mind our manners
Following the rules of Foundation decorum
It is the modern American Way
To honor Abe Lincoln and John Muir
Republicans don’t have time for that
But they got money, and
They got us by the balls and we know it.
Call 1-800-388-3733
“Listen to the rules and enjoy your stay,
Have a nice day”

.................. 2
Take them at their word.
Climb out of the mini-van and amble
Past the naked ladies, past Santa Cruz
Up past the Great Divide where clouds reside.
Go beyond the California border
Find the secrets hidden in the stones,
Listen to the mountain streams cascading seaward,
Crystal clear and clairvoyant,
Revealing secrets no golden riches can confiscate.
Bond with animal essence
Most humans deny for creature comforts,
Rushing weekend time outs, or
Sunday morning ritual affectations
Hiding the wonder of what is—
Overhead and unforseen
Darkness explained with shooting stars.

.................. 3
Inside the forest of the freedom mind
Visions etched into quioxotic landscapes
Warm the sky of the unbound soul
Connected to the spirits of Yosemite



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